So work sent me to Rome. Obviously, I made the most out of it.

Trevi fountain in the morning

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This was the first time I found myself travelling due to work related reasons. There is an actual word for it, a bizcation. Yes, you actually spend 8-9 hours a day at work, but when all expenses are paid for, you won't hear me complain. Thank Italians and their love for good coffee.

Casual all the way

|Outfit: Pants: Adidas, Shirt: LC Wakiki, Watch: Daniel Wellington|

At the usual place at the airport before any flight. Just to let you know how important it is for me to wear comfy clothes on a flight. I found myself changing from my work clothes to my flight uniform right after I checked-in to my flight.

Day 1

We landed in Rome at night, and yeah, we acted like complete tourists. I don't have much luck when it comes to the first ride from the airport to the hotel when I arrive somewhere (Same thing happened in NY - Read about it HERE). Don't ride with the guys that meet you inside the airport. Rome has a very organized Taxi service, all over. Just walk outside and get a white normal Taxi.

Trevi fountain after work

Hotel 41 Trevi where I stayed was boutique like, cozy, free wifi and all the amenities you need, but the location of it beats it all. 100 Meters (300 feet to the American viewers) from the famous and overly crowded Trevi Fountain. This place has the largest selfie stick to people ratio I ever saw. If you are planning to take a picture of the Trevi Fountain without all the people (and I'm talking about hundreds at any given time) try your luck as early in the morning as possible.

Dinner at the Pantheon

Rome Is very unique in a way that you just walk around to find a place to eat, and you sit down and than BOOM! you see a 2000 years old building in front of you (and this is not the only time it happened). Those places you have near the Pantheon are super touristic places. You know what I'm talking about, places where you have a menu with pictures in it.

But how many times can you tell yourself you had dinner or a cup of coffee with such a landmark in your eyesight while you enjoy your dinner.

Day 2

Waking up in the morning, and enjoying a breakfast that housekeeping delivers to your room, great way to start the day. It is always a good idea to have breakfast without even getting out of your Pajamas. This was such a nice touch by the hotel. After breakfast, suiting up and going to work.

Jacket by Calvin Klein

Jacket by Calvin Klein - Full outfit

Suit by ZARA

| Outfit: Jacket: Calvin Klein, Suit: Zara, Shirt: Zara, Watch: Daniel Wellington, Shoes: Aldo |

Waiting for the ride back to the hotel. It wasn't the Mercedes-Benz in the back.

Dinner at Baccano - Steaks

Nobody really wants to hear about work, so I'll skip right to dinner. Had it in a very nice restaurant right in the heart of Rome, called Ristorante BACCANO. Food was awesome. You should really pay this place a visit. Steak was great, sides also. It is not you typical Italian restuarant. It was the first time I didn't order a pizza as a first course. After that awesome dinner we went for a nightly walk to the spanish steps. Some cardio up the stairs to end the night.

Day 3

Daniel Wellington for work

Victor Emmanuel II Monument

Victor Emmanuel II Monument - closer look

Streets of Rome - Dusk

Last night in Rome. Had to see as much of Rome as possible. Sky finally looked perfect, light blue with those lenghty white clouds. Didn't even change clothes after work, just went out and started exploring. the timing was perfect - Finished off work just in time to witness one of the best urban views I ever got to see. First the blue skies in the biggest square ever at the Victor Emmanuel II Monument.

Sunset - Colosseum

Than it was dusk at the Colosseum.

You ever felt like something you do has a hidden reason? Or more specifically - taking a picture and finding a hidden spot that turns out to be the highlight of your trip?

Just look at the picture up here, right there at the buttom left corner is a bright building behind the tree. Well, turns out this place is actually a top level hotel called Palazzo Manfredi. This hotel happens to have a Michelin star restuarant located on the roof (you guessed it, the view was mind blowing). Place is called Aroma Restuarant.

Side note - The first time I had the opportunity of enjoying fine Michelin starred dining was in Vienna (post to be published, stay tuned), but nothing Compared to what I'm about to show you.

If you ever get to see the Colosseum, make sure you see it at sunset. Yes, it is amazing by itself but just add to the mixture some pink skies and you get truely a memorible view. Everybody, including me are guilty at pursuing the perfect capture but just remember to enjoy the view with your own eyes before you start snapping tons of pictures. You don't wanna miss seeing it with your own eyes (Also note to self).

Aroma restuarant - best view in Rome

Dinner is served with the best view Rome has to offer. Was worth every second. This was that magical moment when you have that makes the trip so much better than you anticipate.

Aroma - suit

| Suit: Zara, Shirt: Celio, Watch: Daniel Wellington, Shoes: Creative Recreation |

Gotta dress for the occasion. I'm kinda into to sharp looking suits on top but combining it with sneakers, prefebly white ones.

We actually had dinner elsewhere, but luckily Aroma had another area to the restuarant where you can enjoy your Coffee/Wine/Etc. with some top level desserts.

Colosseum at night

Dinner, Shot of Esspresso, Chocolate desserts. No wonder I had so much energy to keep on strolling around.

Think positive - Stay cool

On the way back home to Israel, Wearing my flight clothes. Remembering to Think positive.

Rome, Thank you. It was amazing. Hope to see you again.

(This was taken 30,000 feet off the ground).



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