Weed is legal. But let me tell you a secret, Amsterdam has more than that to offer.

Dam Square

Ladies and gentlemen,

Amsterdam, what a destination! And the people that were with me, that was priceless.

Landed in Amsterdam at around 12pm, I won't lie to you, it was cold! December 2016, enough said. Took the train from the airport right to the Amsterdam central station and from there our hotel was a few minutes walk. We stayed at the NH Collection Amsterdam grand hotel Krasnapolsky. It is never an off season in Amsterdam but prices for this 5 star hotel were reasonable. The location is the best part, right on the Dam square - Prime location.

Day 1

The squad included - 5 best friends, 3 of them married, 1 of them is a father, one with a baby on the way and one who just got married, and 2 single guys (myself and my best friend). the chances of that vacation happening in any given time has the same odds as winning the lottory while being hit by lightning on a day with a moon eclipse.


This is how out trip started, and to be honest thats all I can show here from the first day. Who knew the first day will be so hardcore. Let's just say it included a quick trip to a few coffee shops, brownie purchasing and laughing so hard it started to hurt. Best feeling ever. And it all started when a friend of mine asked me in the most serious way, while texting his wife, if the keyboad on my iPhone also shakes while i text. it was all down hill from there, in a very good way. Sorry but I simply wasn't in a condition to capture any more than that.

Day 2

After the night before, I had to start my day with a Double esspresso. You know, the only way i could have opened my eyes.

| Outfit: Jacket: Calvin Klein, Pants: Zara, Shirt: Armani Exchange, Watch: Daniel Wellington, Sunglasses: Illesteva |

Shooting skills are high in this one. I look high myself (I wasn't).

Showing off my Primark gloves I got as soon as we landed cause it was freezing. Had to buy like 3 pairs in that 4 day vacation cause they got lost all the time.

On our way to windmill city - Zaanse Schans. went back to central station and hoped on a train to one of those places outside of amsterdam you have to go visit. You get there in appoximetly 20-25 minutes. This village is really something different to see and explore from the streets of Amsterdam which are filled with shops, restuarants, chips and weed. If you need a breather from all that, this is the green, relaxed and noise free place for you.

In Amsterdam’s city center there are plenty of tour companies that offer a tour to Zaanse Schans. It includes a live guide. Adventurous squad that we are, decided to take a tour of our own.

Bently time

Damn! This one as a Bently in the driveway and a windmill in the yard. People know how to live here.

Surrounding the windmills there are traditional houses with farms. So swans are not the only animals you get to see here.

This is what we actually came to see, no? If you got the time you can go inside those windmills and have a look around. Each one has its own porpuse. Making paint, grinding nuts for oil, making spices, etc.

So many options. What to choose? What to choose?

That face when you have to make life changing Decision. By the way, If you are a big cheese fan, there is an entire shop and museum just for that, free samples included.

Ok, I found a pair.

Just a little stop for coffee before leaving.

Thank you Zaanse Schans. Off to the next adventure in Amsterdam.

Arrived back to Amsterdam. Apparently they have something called Sinterklaas here. It is the Dutch Santa Claus, but festivities start a lot earlier than Christmas. It all starts on the 19th of November through December 5th. That's why you see all those lights shining through the streets of Amsterdam.

One of my favorite captures during this vacation. Evening drops down and the Amsterdam canals looked absolutely amazing. The lights from the windows and Sinterklaas festivities just brought this picture to a different level. There is nothing better than just stroll around the city, any city, and just look and find out a beautiful scene that you didn't even expect.

No, we didn't go to the National Opera and Ballet. This was right outside the Amsterdam Icebar. Don't simply go there. First go to one of Amsterdam's Noumarous tourist ticket offices, there you can get some discounts to the Icebar. We took some with us and just started handing them over while we stand in line. The lady at the register didn't really care and if we could have given people some free Ice Beers or shots or discount on entry fee, why not?

The name of the place kinda implies to what it is. Freezing cold temperture like you can see for yourself (16 degrees Fahrenheit if you are not fimiliar with Celcius). You get all the drinks in ice cold glasses which makes them even better. It is a nice a different expirience if you got an hour to spare.

Day 3

started the day in the usual way at Starbucks with 2 Sandwhiches and a shot of esspresso. From there the squad split up - the married part went shopping for the wives, you know, Happy wife happy life. the single part of the squad (Myself and my best friend Shachar) went on to see something a little more interesting - The Amsterdam Arena.

| Outfit: Jacket: Armani Exchange, Pants: Zara, Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger, Watch: Daniel Wellington, Shoes: Nike |

I'm not so much into football anymore, but when I was a kid my favorite team was AJAX. So going to this specific Stadium is a thing I really wanted to achieve.

It doesnt really matter what kind of sports you love, but if you ever get the chance to walk on a real size football field you will see how huge it is. This really is a feeling which is hard to explain, just do it yourselves.

The arena tour includes a guide that takes you into the stadium, exploring all ins & outs of the Arena in 75 minutes. There wasn't a match or training that day so we went into the locker room, Went down the playing field (unfountanatly lighting was awful so pics were kinda lousy) and finished off at the trophy room.

Had a blast, another strike off of the bucket list. Next stop Madame Tussauds. It is located right on the Dam square. This place is a must for me. Decided back in Berlin (post to be published, stay tuned) that I'm gonna have a picture with E.T. in every Madame Tussauds museum I'll see.

So this one is another step to complete the E.T. around the world mission. There are Madame Tussauds museums in 13 countries currently. so this is 2 out of 13, and counting.

Besides seeing Wax made celebrities, On the upper floor of the museum you can get a really great view on the entire Dam square.

Last night here in Amsterdam had to be something really special. We couldn't finish off with an ordinary dinner. So before arriving to Amsterdam we reserved a table at the Supperclub. We made reservations a week in advance. You need to put a deposit of 50 Euros a head just in case you do a no-show without letting them know. I can't really describe this place but the atmosphere is awesome. Place has some regular tables (besides that nothing is regular about this place) in the middle but most tables are located around and you actually sit on matresses. The evening includes 5 Course dinner (ours included 3 bottles of wine too) and a show that blows your mind away. Between each course there is a different show, some of them are kinda provocative performances but that goes really well in this place. After all that is done, the place turns into a party. All of that you get for 69 Euros. So if you are open minded and wanna have a pretty awesome night with good food, definetly check out this place.

NH Collection Room

Smoking room - Supper Club

| Outfit: Suit: Zara, Shirt: Zara, Watch: Daniel Wellington, Shoes: NH |

Day 4 - Last one

This vacation wasn't complete without a picture with the famous "I amsterdam" sign. This place is so crowded these days. I was lucky to be able to take a picture with the "I am" Part of the sign. You got an ice skating ring in the winter right next to where the sign is located, And if you want to have a shopping spree in top level brands, you can find them all here. And yeah, there is also the Rijksmuseum.

| Another favorite pair of shades that took me like 3 weeks to find. I first saw them in the movie 3 Days to kill. They are from Original Penguin and this specific model is called THE DOYLE-SUN. You can't find them on the official site but I bet eBay or Amazon can help you get a pair. They have other really cool shades on their website if you don't fency those |

The reason I had to get a new suitcase.

Amsterdam you were amazing! Thank you. Hope to drop back again and discover even more of what you have to offer.



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